Quality sprinkler systems do more than just keep you plants alive, they provide the balance of water and coverage that minimizes waste while keeping the optimal amount of water on lawns, shrub beds, and separate planter areas.


Savage Sprinkler Service employs a core group of experienced, well rounded, professional technicians. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's installing a system in a new or existing yard, upgrading or adding on to areas, or providing yearly maintenance services.


At Savage Sprinkler Service, we treat what we do has a mixture of science and art: it's an investment into maintaining the beauty and functionality of your homes outdoor space.

Do you consider how consistent, even, watering of your yard promotes plant health while conserving water? Poor coverage leads to uneven watering and excessive water consumption?

Tired of replacing flower baskets and having plants die in hard to reach planters? Integrated drip systems allow stress free watering of those accent plant locations.

Automated watering schedules allow homeowners to optimize watering times and days for best yard health.

More Than just Automated Water Delivery 

We have a solution for all your yard and patio watering needs

yearly maintenance


drip systems

lawn & Shrub coverage 

Nature is all around us,
keep yours green, while conserving water


balancing all your yard watering needs.
is watering your yard as easy as it could be? let us help.

Savage Sprinkler Service offers maintenance services which include winterizing the irrigation system in the fall and opening the system in the spring to keep your sprinkler system in top working condition.

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